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Gold Rate In Dubai Today

Stay updated with the latest Gold Rate in Dubai Today for informed investment choices. Explore data on 22K and 24K gold prices to track trends and make smart decisions. Rely on reputable sources to ensure accurate information, and keep an eye on real-time gold prices in Dubai to stay ahead in your gold investments.

Gold Rate in Dubai UAE Today 13 Jun 24

Gold Purity Gold Price Price Change
24K 1 Gram 284.75 AED 0 AED
22K 1 Gram 263.5 AED 0 AED
21K 1 Gram 255 AED 0 AED
18K 1 Gram 218.75 AED 0 AED
Ounce 8856 AED 0 AED
10 Tola Gold 33031 AED 0 AED
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Gold Rate In Dubai - Last 5 Days

Date Gold 24K Gold 22K
Jun 12, 24 284.75 AED 263.5 AED
Jun 11, 24 284.75 AED 263.5 AED
Jun 10, 24 284.75 AED 263.5 AED
Jun 09, 24 284.75 AED 263.5 AED
Jun 08, 24 284.75 AED 263.5 AED

Gold Price In Major Cities Of UAE

City Gold 24K Gold 22K
Dubai 284.75 AED 263.5 AED
Abu Dhabi 284.75 AED 263.5 AED
Ajman 284.75 AED 263.5 AED
Fujairah 284.75 AED 263.5 AED
Al Ain 284.75 AED 263.5 AED
Ras Al-Khaimah 284.75 AED 263.5 AED
Umm Al Quwain 284.75 AED 263.5 AED

The Importance of Understanding the Tola Measurement Unit for Gold Trading

In many countries like India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Singapore, gold transactions and trading are often denominated in 'tolas.' The tola, equivalent to 10 grams of gold, holds significant cultural and historical value in these regions. Understanding this unique measurement unit is crucial for those interested in gold investment or trading within South Asia and Southeast Asia.

Why Gold is a Wise Choice for Investment?

Gold is a wise choice for investment, historically serving as a reliable store of value. It offers a means to diversify portfolios and safeguard wealth against economic uncertainties.

Dubai: The Gold Capital of the World

Dubai is renowned for its high-quality gold. Gold shops in the city adhere to international standards, offering pure gold with various carat options to suit different preferences, whether for investment or crafting exquisite jewelry.

The Mandatory Hallmarking and Bareeq Certification of Gold in Dubai

Dubai takes quality seriously, with all gold and jewelry being mandatory hallmarked and bareeq certified. This regulation guarantees the purity and quality of the gold, instilling confidence in buyers, whether they're investing or creating jewelry.

How to Convert Tolas to Grams for Gold Trading?

For those dealing with gold transactions in countries using the tola measurement, understanding the conversion from tolas to grams (1 tola = 10 grams) is essential. This knowledge simplifies price and weight conversions, ensuring seamless gold trading and purchases in these regions. Invest wisely and confidently in gold, keeping these key factors in mind, especially in the vibrant gold market of Dubai.

What is the gold rate in Dubai today?

The current gold rate in Dubai today is AED 238.50 per gram for 24 karat gold. For 22 karat gold, the rate is AED 220.75 per gram.

What is the Gold rate in Dubai today for 1 Tola?

The gold rate in Dubai for 1 Tola is AED 2,729.78. This is equivalent to approximately USD 742.80. The gold rate in Dubai is constantly fluctuating, so it is important to check the latest rates before making a purchase.

Is Gold Cheaper in Dubai than Pakistan or India?

Yes, gold is generally cheaper in Dubai than in Pakistan or India. This is due to several factors, including:

Yes, gold is generally cheaper in Dubai than in Pakistan or India. This is because of several factors, including:

Taxation: Dubai is a tax-free zone, while both Pakistan and India have taxes on gold imports and sales.

Import duties: There are no import duties on gold in Dubai, while Pakistan and India both have import duties on gold.

Competition: The gold market in Dubai is very competitive, which helps to keep prices low.

FAQs about Dubai gold rate today:

1. What is the Dubai gold rate today for 22 carat gold per 10 grams?

The Dubai gold rate today for 22 carat gold per 10 grams is 2635 Dirhams.

2. What is the importance of understanding the tola measurement unit for gold trading?

The tola is a traditional measurement unit for gold in many South Asian and Southeast Asian countries. It is equivalent to 10 grams of gold. Understanding the tola measurement unit is important for anyone who wants to trade or invest in gold in these regions.

3. Why is gold a wise choice for investment?

Gold is a wise choice for investment because it has historically served as a reliable store of value. It is also a good way to diversify your portfolio and protect your wealth against economic uncertainties.

4. Why is Dubai known as the gold capital of the world?

Dubai is known as the gold capital of the world because it has a thriving gold market. The city is home to many gold shops that offer a wide variety of gold products, including jewelry, coins, and bars. Dubai's gold market is also known for its high quality and purity standards.

5. What is mandatory hallmarking and bareeq certification of gold in Dubai?

Mandatory hallmarking and bareeq certification are government regulations that guarantee the purity and quality of gold in Dubai. All gold and jewelry sold in Dubai must be hallmarked and bareeq certified. This regulation ensures that buyers can be confident in the quality of the gold they are purchasing.

6. How do you convert tolas to grams for gold trading?

To convert tolas to grams, simply multiply the number of tolas by 10. For example, 1 tola is equal to 10 grams.