Thu, Jun 13, 2024  |  06 Dhul-Hijjah 1445

AED TO SAR Rate Today

12 Jun 24 - Today 1 SAR to AED convertion rate is 0.979 AED. Utilize a Currency Converter for the AED to SAR exchange rate. Analyze historical currency charts or real-time exchange rates for Dirham to SAR. Find latest AED to SAR conversion according to open market exchange rates and check Dirham to SAR list for last 10 days.

AED to SAR Conversion Rate
1 AED = 1.0213 SAR
SAR to AED Conversion Rate
1 SAR = 0.9792 AED
Jun 13, 2024 09:59 UTC

AED to SAR Stats

High 0.9904 0.9697
Low 0.9935 0.9683
Average 0.98 0.98
AED to SAR Chart & Graph
June 12, 2024

1 AED To SAR Record For Last 10 Days

Date Symbol Rate
12 June, 2024 1 AED To SAR 0.9792
10 June, 2024 1 AED To SAR 0.9795
09 June, 2024 1 AED To SAR 0.9762
08 June, 2024 1 AED To SAR 0.9762
07 June, 2024 1 AED To SAR 0.9762
06 June, 2024 1 AED To SAR 0.9786
05 June, 2024 1 AED To SAR 0.9766
04 June, 2024 1 AED To SAR 0.9786
03 June, 2024 1 AED To SAR 0.9786
02 June, 2024 1 AED To SAR 0.9793
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AED to SAR Rate Today:

Journeyers from all over the world come to Dubai, the shimmering jewel of the United Arab Emirates. Dubai's fancy shopping, vibrant culture, and stunning buildings attract tourists, people from other countries, and business professionals.

Knowing the AED to SAR conversion rate is essential whether you're thinking about doing business in Dubai, taking a trip, or moving from Saudi Arabia.

Currency Overview:

The official currency of the United Arab Emirates, which is made up of seven emirates, including Dubai, is the Emirati Dirham (AED). It is further divided into 100 fils. Saudi Arabia uses Saudi Riyal (SAR) which is further divided into 100 smaller units called halalas. The robust trade relations and the shared border between Saudi Arabia and Dubai significantly influence AED to SAR exchange rates.

Basics Of Exchange Rate

The rate at which one currency can be exchanged for another is known as the exchange rate. It indicates how many Saudi Riyals you will get in exchange for one Emirati Dirham in the context of AED to SAR. For example, if the AED to SAR exchange rate is 1 AED = 1.02 SAR, One Emirati dirham equals 1.02 Saudi Riyals.

Factors Influencing the Exchange Rate

Many internal and external variables impact the exchange rate between AED and SAR. Economic indicators, interest rates, government policies, oil prices, and speculation by traders all contribute to the dynamic nature of the AED to SAR rate.

Controlling Exchange Rate Risks:

To navigate the fluctuating AED to SAR exchange rate in Dubai, individuals and businesses use risk management strategies. This includes employing forward contracts for fixed rates in international transactions, diversifying assets across currencies to mitigate the impact of AED to SAR rate changes, and employing hedging techniques like futures and options to minimize potential losses. Some also choose to time their transactions to take advantage of more favorable AED to SAR exchange rates. These practices help address the uncertainties associated with currency fluctuations in Dubai.

1000 AED to SAR Rate :

The current exchange rate for 1000 AED to SAR can fluctuate frequently, and it's recommended to check with a reliable financial source or use a currency converter to get the most up-to-date and accurate information on the 1000 AED to SAR rate conversion.