Mon, May 27, 2024  |  19 Dhul-Qadah 1445

24K Gold Rate in Dubai Today

27 May 24- Today's gold rate in Dubai is 283.5 AED for 24K. Check the current gold price in Dubai according to the Gold Market. Find latest 24K gold rate in Dubai and other cities such as Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Fujairah, Al Ain per tola, 10 tola, 1 gram and 10 grams.

Today 24K Gold Rate in Dubai UAE – 27 May 24

Gold Purity Gold Price Price Change
Gram 24k 283.5 AED
May 27, 2024 15:27 UTC
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Gram 24k Gold Rate in Dubai for Last 5 Days

Date Gram 24k
May 26, 24 282.5 AED
May 25, 24 282.5 AED
May 24, 24 282.75 AED
May 23, 24 285.5 AED
May 22, 24 292 AED
Gram 24k Gold Chart & Graph
May 27, 2024

24K Gold in Dubai

Dubai is known for its gold market, and it's a popular destination for those looking to buy gold from around the world. Among the vast array of gold available in this glittering city, 24K gold in Dubai stands out as it is extremely pure—it contains 99.9% gold. It's known as "Pure Gold." In Dubai, one may find an abundance of jewelry and pure gold bars.

One of the things that make 24 karat gold in Dubai stand out is its luxurious yellow color. When you have more gold, it's like having the Midas touch – the metal gleams with a richer, more vibrant hue.

While 24K gold in Dubai is like a radiant star in the jewelry world, it has a soft side. And by soft, we mean it's incredibly malleable and delicate. It's prone to damage, and that's not what you want for your jewelry.

Characteristics of 24K Gold in Dubai

Unmatched Purity: 24 karat gold in Dubai is the purest form of gold available. Its near-perfect purity is one of the primary reasons why it is highly sought after.

Rich Yellow Color: The color of 24 carat gold is a deep, lustrous yellow. The higher gold content intensifies its golden hue, giving it a distinctive and luxurious appearance.

Malleability: 24K gold in Dubai is incredibly malleable and can be easily shaped into various forms, making it ideal for intricate designs and detailed craftsmanship.

Tarnish Resistance: Pure gold is resistant to tarnishing and corrosion, making it an excellent choice for those with sensitive skin.

The Rarity of 24K Gold Jewelry in Dubai

While 24K gold is readily available in the form of gold bars in Dubai, the availability of 24 carat gold jewelry is limited. Due to its pure and soft nature, 24K gold jewelry is less common than lower karat gold jewelry in the market. However, some selected shops in Dubai offer 24K gold jewelry for those who appreciate its purity and rich color.

Why Is Gold Measured in Karats (Carats)?

Gold is measured in karats (or carats) to indicate its purity. The term "karat" is used to represent the proportion of pure gold in a particular piece of jewelry or gold item and it is denoted by the symbol “K”. For instance, 24K gold is 99.9% pure, while 22K gold contains 91.7% gold, and 18K gold has 75% pure gold content. Carats provide a clear and standardized way to communicate the purity of gold, helping buyers make informed decisions.

Gold Souk

If you're interested in gold and you're in Dubai, you should definitely check it out. The deira area in Dubai is home to a well-known market where a wide variety of gold goods, including 24k gold jewelry, are sold.

Good Prices

Dubai is a wise location to purchase gold due to its low import charges and minimal taxation. Thus, you may typically find a nice offer. However, keep in mind that costs can differ from store to store.

When purchasing gold, keep an eye on today 24k gold rate in Dubai also look for a hallmark. It functions as a tiny stamp certifying that the gold is genuine and extremely pure.

Current information on today 24k gold rate in Dubai for 1 gram, tola, kg, and ounce is essential for making wise decisions when buying or selling gold.

How is 24k Gold Price in Dubai Determined?

The gold price in Dubai is updated twice a day by the London Bullion Market Association in London, UK. They use electronic auctions to set the 24k gold price in UAE. Two auctions are held every business day, one bright and early and another in the afternoon.

They quote the 24k gold price in UAE in good old US dollars, but not for a whole bar of gold. They measure it in troy ounces, which are about 31.1 grams of pure gold (the kind you see in the movies, 24K gold).

So, what do they call these two prices? The morning one is known as the LBMA Gold Price AM, and the afternoon auction is labeled the LBMA Gold Price PM.

Final Tips for Buying Gold

Before making your purchase of gold including 24K, consider a few tips:

How do Gold Rate in Dubai fluctuate?

The gold price in UAE is mostly decided by the bullion markets. Many factors come into the spotlight, affecting whether the City of Gold's rates will rise or fall. The key players in this golden game include inflation, interest rates, taxes, local conditions, supply and demand, geopolitics, and the economy. And if you compare today 24k gold rate in Dubai to places in India, you'll see it's often cheaper in Dubai.

In the world of Dubai's gold market, 24 karat gold shines like a rare treasure. But for everyday jewelry, Dubai prefers 22K gold, offering the perfect blend of purity and durability. Some European visitors and younger buyers lean towards 18K gold. It's not as pure, but it's tough.

So, when you choose your carat – be it 22K, 18K, or even 24K – it's all about your style, and what you want to do with it. Dubai has lots of gold to choose from, and it's time to find your perfect pearl.


1. Is 24 karat gold available in Dubai?

Yes, it mostly available in bars, but some shops offers 24 carat gold jewelry, although it's less common.

2. Which is better 22K or 24K?

22k gold in Dubai is more practical for jewelry due to its durability, while 24k gold in dubai is pure but softer.

3. Why is 24K gold so expensive?

24k gold In Dubai costs more because it's pure, containing 99.9% gold.

4. Can you wear 24k gold every day?

You can wear 24k gold every day, but it's heavy, valuable, and not the most durable choice for daily wear.

5. What is 1 tola 24k gold price in Dubai

The 1 tola 24k gold price in Dubai is AED 2,758.99. This price is subject to change on a daily basis.

What is the today's market value for 24k gold in the United Arab Emirates?

The market value for today 24k gold rate in UAE varies slightly depending on the source and location. Here are some approximate values:

Per Gram:

In addition to tracking the current 24k gold prices, visitors can conveniently access the latest updates on 22k gold rates, 18k gold rates, 21k gold rates in Dubai . Moreover, for those seeking a more comprehensive view, the website offers 10 tola rates, ensuring that individuals can stay well-informed about the fluctuating gold prices in Dubai.

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