Thu, Jul 25, 2024  |  18 Muharram 1446

Super 98 Petrol Price in Dubai Today

25 Jul 2024, UAE Super 98 Petroleum price is AED 3.34 per litre. This prices come into effect on 1 July 2024 and are expected to remain till the end of the month. Prices of Super 98 in the UAE change monthly and the new fuel prices in the UAE are anticipated to announce on 1st August 2024.

Fuel Type Price
Super 98 3.34 AED/Ltr (Jul 25, 2024 12:21 UTC)
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Petrol & Diesel Price Archive

Fuel Type Apr 2024 Mar 2024 Feb 2024
EPlus 91 2.96 AED/Ltr 2.85 AED/Ltr 2.69 AED/Ltr
Special 95 3.03 AED/Ltr 2.92 AED/Ltr 2.76 AED/Ltr
Super 98 3.15 AED/Ltr 3.03 AED/Ltr 2.88 AED/Ltr
Diesel 3.09 AED/Ltr 3.16 AED/Ltr 2.99 AED/Ltr

Super 98 Price Dubai:

The Super 98 price Dubai is a pivotal consideration for motorists seeking optimal performance for their high-end vehicles. As a premium-grade fuel with a higher octane rating, Super 98 is favored by those looking to enhance engine efficiency and maximize power. The Super 98 price Dubai is subject to market fluctuations, reflecting global oil trends, regional economic dynamics, and local government policies. For accurate and up-to-date information on Super 98 price Dubai, individuals are encouraged to regularly check with local fuel stations or utilize online platforms offering real-time updates. Staying informed about the Super 98 price Dubai ensures that drivers can make strategic decisions aligned with the latest market conditions, optimizing both vehicle performance and fuel expenditure.

Special 98 Fuel in Dubai

Are you someone who loves cars or are you just looking for ways to improve the performance of your car in Dubai? If so, you may be aware of a fuel known as "Special 98". Basically, there are four main variants of fuel used in UAE which are, E-Plus (91 Octane), Special (95 Octane), Super (98 Octane) and Diesel.

In this post, we'll explain Special 98 fuel along with its unique qualities and reasons to use it for your vehicle.

What is Special 98 Fuel?

Special 98, often called Super 98 petrol or Premium 98, is a higher-quality fuel type that can be found in many Dubai petrol stations. With an octane value of 98, greater than most standard gasoline found at most pumps, it is known as "98" fuel. It's a more premium fuel because of its higher octane rating.

Why is it Special?

The high octane rating of Special 98 fuel makes it unique. A fuel's capacity to prevent your engine from ringing or knocking is measured by its octane rating. Your engine's performance may suffer from knocking. Fuels with a higher octane rating, such as Special 98, are designed to reduce knocking and offer a more smooth and effective combustion process.

Using Special 98 may be beneficial for the following reasons :

• Greater Engine Performance: Your engine will run more smoothly and provide more power if you use Special 98 fuel. This is an excellent option if you want to improve the performance of your engine or if you drive a high-performance vehicle.

• Enhanced Fuel Efficiency: Higher octane fuels burn cleaner, which can result in improved fuel efficiency. When compared to ordinary fuel, you might discover that Special 98 allows you to travel longer on a tank.

• Decreased Engine Knocking: Over time, engine knocking can be harmful. By reducing this risk, Special 98 keeps your engine in better condition.

• Reduced Pollution: Special 98 often emits fewer pollutants, which helps to keep the environment cleaner.

Is Special 98 Fuel the Best Choice for You?

Even though Special 98 fuel has many benefits, not everyone may need it.

Here are some points to think about:

• Check Your Car's Manual: First, refer to the owner's guidebook for your vehicle. Usually, it will suggest the lowest octane rating that your vehicle is capable of using. You won't get any extra benefits from using an octane greater than is necessary.

• Cost: Regular petrol is typically less expensive than Super 98. Verify whether the additional expense is justified by the advantages it will provide, such as increased performance and fuel economy.

• Car Type: Because of their higher compression ratios, high-performance and supercharged vehicles are more likely to benefit from Special 98 fuel.

• Driving Style: Special 98 may improve your engine's performance in challenging situations, such as when you drive strongly or carry large loads.

Availability at Petrol Stations:

In Dubai, Special 98 fuel, also known as Super 98 petrol or Premium 98, is widely available at most major petrol stations and fuel providers. You can easily find Special 98 fuel at the following places:

• Emirates National Oil Company: ENOC, is a well-known fuel supplier in Dubai. Super 98 fuel is available at the majority of ENOC gas stations.

• Emirates Petroleum Products Company: EPPCO, is another ENOC company whose stations frequently supply super 98 fuel.

• Abu Dhabi National Oil Company: ADNOC, is a major gasoline supplier in the United Arab Emirates. Super 98 fuel is available at many of ADNOC's gas stations, particularly those in Dubai.

• Emarat: Super 98 gasoline is frequently offered by Emarat, a local petroleum firm with stations all across Dubai.

• Shell: Super 98 fuel is available at some Shell gas stations in Dubai in addition to the regular choice.

• Caltex: If clients are looking for high-octane choices, some Caltex outlets in Dubai may also sell Super 98 gasoline.

• Other Independent Stations: Super 98 fuel is available at a few independent gas stations around Dubai in addition to the main fuel suppliers.

Reminder: Please be aware that while Special 98 fuel can be easily found in cities and on main highways, it might not be as widely available in more rural or isolated parts of Dubai. It is a good idea to plan your refueling stops accordingly if you are heading to such places, or check about Special 98 fuel availability from local sources.

Production of Super 98

Super 98 fuel is produced using advanced refining methods and quality control procedures to guarantee that it satisfies the exact requirements for high-octane gasoline. Because the global oil and gas business is so linked together even while some processing may occur within the UAE, it is frequently a component of a larger regional or worldwide supply chain.


1. What is Special 98 Petrol Price in UAE?

Special 98 petrol in UAE is a premium fuel offering higher octane levels, typically designed for high-performance vehicles. The price of Special 98 petrol can vary based on market conditions, global oil prices, and regional factors. For the latest and most accurate information on Special 98 petrol price in UAE, it's recommended to check with local fuel stations or online resources. Stay informed to ensure you get the best value for your high-performance vehicle's fuel needs.

2. What is super 98 petrol price in Dubai?

The super 98 petrol price is Dh3.03 a liter.

3. How long does 98 fuel last?

When kept under cover in a sealed container, gasoline has a one-year shelf life. The fuel can be stored for three months at 30°C or six months at 20°C when a seal is broken. Fuel in equipment fuel tanks has a one-month shelf life.

4. Does 98 make your car faster?

We may increase the time needed for ignition to produce more power with 98 octane since it has a stronger barrier to compression ignition.

5. What are the difference between Special 95 vs Super 98?

Special 95 vs Super 98 are both types of unleaded gasoline, but they have different octane ratings. Octane rating is a measure of a fuel's resistance to pre-ignition, also known as knocking or pinging.

Super 98 has an octane rating of 98, which means it is more resistant to pre-ignition than Special 95. This makes it a better choice for high-performance cars with high-compression engines.

Special 95 has an octane rating of 95, which is suitable for most cars with low-compression engines. Using Super 98 in a car that only requires Special 95 will not provide any performance benefits and may actually harm the engine.

In addition to tracking the current Super 98, visitors can conveniently access the latest updates on prices like Eplus 91, Special 95 & Diesel rates in Dubai. Ensuring that individuals can stay well-informed about the fluctuating petrol prices in Dubai.