Thu, Jun 13, 2024  |  06 Dhul-Hijjah 1445

AED TO AUD Rate Today

12 Jun 24 - Today 1 AUD to AED convertion rate is 2.431 AED. Utilize a Currency Converter for the AED to AUD exchange rate. Analyze historical currency charts or real-time exchange rates for Dirham to AUD. Find latest AED to AUD conversion according to open market exchange rates and check Dirham to AUD list for last 10 days.

AED to AUD Conversion Rate
1 AED = 0.4113 AUD
AUD to AED Conversion Rate
1 AUD = 2.4312 AED
Jun 13, 2024 10:15 UTC

AED to AUD Stats

High 2.4742 2.419
Low 2.4742 2.363
Average 2.45 2.42
AED to AUD Chart & Graph
June 12, 2024

1 AED To AUD Record For Last 10 Days

Date Symbol Rate
12 June, 2024 1 AED To AUD 2.4312
10 June, 2024 1 AED To AUD 2.419
09 June, 2024 1 AED To AUD 2.433
08 June, 2024 1 AED To AUD 2.433
07 June, 2024 1 AED To AUD 2.433
06 June, 2024 1 AED To AUD 2.4333
05 June, 2024 1 AED To AUD 2.4356
04 June, 2024 1 AED To AUD 2.4438
03 June, 2024 1 AED To AUD 2.4438
02 June, 2024 1 AED To AUD 2.4411
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AED to AUD Exchange Rate Today:

People flock to Dubai for its dazzling sights and bustling opportunities. If you're coming from Australia, think of the AED to AUD exchange rate as your money's translator. It tells you how much your Aussie dollars are worth in Dubai's currency, the Emirati Dirham (AED to AUD). So, while you explore Dubai's modern wonders and historic gems, understanding this rate adds an interesting twist to your journey.

Dubai uses the United Arab Emirates Dirham, known as AED. Australia uses the Australian Dollar, represented by AUD. When we talk about the AED to AUD exchange rate, we're basically discussing how much one United Arab Emirates dirham is worth in Australian dollars.

A bit of history: The Australian dollar (often called the Aussie dollar) replaced the Australian pound in 1966. By 1983, it became widely used. Australia's wealth in natural resources like coal, metals, diamonds, beef, and wool contributes to the popularity of its currency in the global market. So, when you're thinking about exchanging money from AED to AUD, you're essentially figuring out the value of Dubai's currency in terms of Australian dollars.

What are Exchange Rates of AED to AUD ?

Consider an exchange rate to be a tool for switching between several currencies. It provides you with a currency exchange rate comparison. It shows how many Australian Dollars you can buy for one AED to AED to AUD conversion.

Imagine the exchange rate between AED and AUD is 0.42. This means that for every AED you exchange, you'll get 0.42 AUD in return.

It's important to remember that these exchange rates can change every day. Factors like the global economy, supply and demand, and current events all play a role in making these rates go up or down. So, if you're planning to exchange money, the rate you see today might not be the same tomorrow due to these various influences.

Where to Look for AED to AUD Currency Rates?

Exchange rates from AED to AUD are available in a number of locations in Dubai. These rates are typically posted on the websites of banks and currency exchange offices, as well as in person locations. To stay up to speed on the most recent rates, you can also use smartphone apps for currency conversion or visit our website.

The Importance of Exchange Rates

It's necessary to understand exchange rates because they have an impact on your Dubai budget. An Australian visiting Dubai may find their purchasing power increased by a favorable exchange rate. On the other hand, a less favorable rate may need you to set aside more money for your budget.

Exchange rates can affect your costs and earnings if you conduct business in Dubai. Thus, it is essential to keep up with the current rates.

Securing Your Money

To protect yourself against unexpected changes in exchange rates, consider exchanging part of your cash in advance of time. You'll have some money available at a set rate in this manner. Likewise, you can protect yourself from negative rate changes by using assets like futures contracts or choices.

Currency Rate Affecting Factors

There are several factors that affect exchange rates, and knowing these aspects will help you understand why rates change. Among the key components are economic conditions, interest rates, inflation, market sentiment, and government policies.


1. How much is $1 AUD in AED?

The $1 AUD in AED rate is about 2.391834 AEDM.

2. Is AED higher than dollar?

Yes AED higher than dollar, 1USD = 3.67302 AED.

3. Is the exchange rate better in Dubai?

You will probably get a slightly better rate in Dubai than in the UK.

How to do AED to AUD conversion?

For AED to AUD conversion check reliable resources or use this formula for AED to AUD conversion: amount in AUD = amount in AED × exchange rate.