Thu, Jun 13, 2024  |  06 Dhul-Hijjah 1445

E plus 91 Petrol Price in Dubai Today

13 Jun 2024, UAE Eplus 91 Petroleum price is AED 3.15 per litre. This prices come into effect on 1 June 2024 and are expected to remain till the end of the month. Prices of Eplus 91 in the UAE change monthly and the new fuel prices in the UAE are anticipated to announce on 1st July 2024.

Fuel Type Price
Eplus 91 3.15 AED/Ltr (Jun 13, 2024 09:26 UTC)
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Petrol & Diesel Price Archive

Fuel Type Apr 2024 Mar 2024 Feb 2024
EPlus 91 2.96 AED/Ltr 2.85 AED/Ltr 2.69 AED/Ltr
Special 95 3.03 AED/Ltr 2.92 AED/Ltr 2.76 AED/Ltr
Super 98 3.15 AED/Ltr 3.03 AED/Ltr 2.88 AED/Ltr
Diesel 3.09 AED/Ltr 3.16 AED/Ltr 2.99 AED/Ltr

E plus 91 Petrol in Dubai:

Dubai, a city of soaring skyscrapers and sleek supercars, is known for its tech-savvy and lavish lifestyle. If you're a car enthusiast or simply want the best for your vehicle, you might have heard of E Plus 91 petrol in Dubai. But what exactly is E-Plus 91, and why is it turning heads in Dubai?

Read on to learn more about this E Plus 91 petrol.

What is E-PLUS 91?

E-Plus 91 fuel is generally used for low-compression engines. Most consumers who utilize rentals and commercial cars use this fuel. Fleets of buses, rental car agencies, and taxis frequently utilize E-Plus 91.

The "E" in E Plus stands for "Ethanol" and the number 91 represents its octane rating. The ability of a fuel to knock or contact during combustion is measured by its octane rating. High-performance engines frequently use higher octane fuels because they are capable of handling higher compression levels without pre-ignition.

To put it another way, E Plus 91 is a particular kind of gasoline that has been carefully blended to perform better in high-performance cars, providing improved engine performance and combustion.

Benefits of E-Plus 91 in Dubai

• Enhanced Performance: E-Plus 91 increases the performance of high-performance cars and sports cars. By increasing the octane rating, the engine is able to run more efficiently, providing more horsepower to the wheels, resulting in better acceleration and overall performance.

• Fuel Efficiency: E-Plus 91 fuel efficiency is often linked to power, but it can also improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. Higher-quality combustion results in higher mileage, meaning you don’t need to fill up your tank as often.

• Reduced Machine Knock: E-Plus 91's advanced octane standing minimizes the threat of machine knocking or clashing. Knocking is a dangerous noise that can happen when the air- energy admixture in the machine ignites precociously. E-Plus 91 reduces the liability of this passing, which is vital for your machine's life.

What is E Plus 91 Petrol Price in UAE?

The E Plus 91 fuel price in UAE is subject to change based on various factors, including global oil market conditions, regional economic influences, and government policies. E Plus 91 is standard-grade petrol with an octane rating of 91, suitable for regular-use vehicles with conventional engines. For the most accurate and up-to-date information on E Plus 91 petrol price in UAE, it is recommended to check with local fuel stations or refer to online platforms that provide real-time updates. Staying informed about the current petrol prices ensures that motorists can make well-informed decisions when refueling their vehicles.

Is E-Plus 91 Available Everywhere in Dubai?

E-Plus 91 petrol isn't as common as regular gasoline in Dubai. Many gas stations generally offer lower octane energies similar to Super 95, which are suitable for everyday vehicles. Still, for auto owners looking for that excess performance edge, the E Plus 91 is available at select locales.

To find a station that offers E Plus 91 petrol, you can check online or ask specific energy providers. As the demand for high-performance energies grows, further stations may start offering E-Plus 91 in the future.

Why Use E-Plus 91

• Compatibility: E Plus 91 is ideal for high-performance engines and is not necessary for regular vehicles. In fact, using a higher-octane fuel than your engine requires won't yield any benefits. Check your car's manual to determine the recommended fuel type.

• Price: Premium fuels like E Plus 91 are typically more expensive than regular gasoline. While you might experience improved performance and fuel efficiency, it's essential to consider the cost when deciding whether to use the E Plus 91 regularly.

• Availability: As mentioned earlier, E Plus 91 may not be available at all gas stations in Dubai. Plan your routes accordingly if you depend on this type of fuel.

• Ethanol Content: E Plus 91 contains ethanol, which can absorb water from the atmosphere over time. If you plan to store your vehicle for an extended period, consider the potential effects of ethanol content on your engine.

E Plus 91 petrol is a fuel that is making waves in Dubai. With its higher octane rating and ethanol content, it offers enhanced engine performance, better fuel efficiency, and reduced environmental impact. While not all gas stations in Dubai offer E-Plus 91, car owners of high-performance vehicles have the option to experience the benefits of this premium fuel.

Just remember to check your vehicle's compatibility and consider the cost before making the switch. Whether you're cruising through the city or hitting the open road, E Plus 91 can give your car the edge it needs to shine in the bustling streets of Dubai.


1. What is E plus 91 price of Petrol Price in Dubai?

The Petrol eplus 91 Price in Dubai will be Dh2.85 a liter.

2. Is E10 the same as E plus 91?

E10 is a blend of regular unleaded (RON 91) petrol and between 9% and 10% ethanol. Blending the ethanol at this ratio increases the RON to 94.

3. Is 91 premium petrol?

Standard petrol is given a 91 rating, while premium unleaded is both 95 and 98.

4. What is e plus 91 vs special 95?

E-Plus 91 and Special 95 are unleaded gasolines in Dubai. The main difference is their octane ratings: E-Plus 91 has 91, while Special 95 has 95. Special 95 is more resistant to knocking. Choose E-Plus 91 for low compression engines and Special 95 for medium compression.

5. Does E Plus 91 octane give better mileage?

Using a higher octane fuel like E-Plus 91 may not significantly improve mileage unless your vehicle's engine is designed for it. Stick to the manufacturer's recommended octane level for optimal performance and fuel efficiency. Always consult your vehicle's owner's manual for the recommended fuel type.

Is premium always e plus91?

The premium petrol is not always Eplus 91 in Dubai. In Dubai, there are three main types of petrol available: Special 95, Super 98, and E Plus 91. Special 95 is the most common type of petrol and is suitable for most cars. Super 98 is a premium petrol that is designed for high-performance cars. E-Plus 91 is a low-emission petrol that is suitable for cars that are designed to run on unleaded petrol with an ethanol content of up to 10%.

In addition to tracking the current Eplus 91, visitors can conveniently access the latest updates on prices like Special 95, Super 98 & Diesel rates in Dubai. Ensuring that individuals can stay well-informed about the fluctuating petrol prices in Dubai.