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18K Gold Rate in Dubai Today

13 Jun 24- Today's gold rate in Dubai is 218.75 AED for 18K. Check the current gold price in Dubai according to the Gold Market. Find latest 18K gold rate in Dubai and other cities such as Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Fujairah, Al Ain per tola, 10 tola, 1 gram and 10 grams.

Today 18K Gold Rate in Dubai UAE – 13 Jun 24

Gold Purity Gold Price Price Change
Gram 18k 218.75 AED
Jun 13, 2024 11:11 UTC
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Gram 18k Gold Rate in Dubai for Last 5 Days

Date Gram 18k
Jun 12, 24 218.75 AED
Jun 11, 24 218.75 AED
Jun 10, 24 218.75 AED
Jun 09, 24 218.75 AED
Jun 08, 24 218.75 AED
Gram 18k Gold Chart & Graph
June 13, 2024

Gram 18k Gold Rate in Dubai Today

The Gram 18k Gold Rate in Dubai Today is a topic of great interest and significance for both residents and visitors in the dynamic city of Dubai. As a global hub for the gold trade, Dubai boasts a thriving gold market known for its diversity of designs and competitive pricing. The Gram 18k gold rate, indicative of gold with its purity that plays a pivotal role in this market. It is influenced by various factors, including gold price in Gram 18k carat per tola, 10 tola, 1 gram and 10 grams. Given its widespread appeal, Gram 18k gold jewelry is a popular choice for adornment and investment alike.

Tracking the Gram 18k Gold Rate in Dubai is a straightforward process, as it is prominently displayed at various gold souks and jewelry stores throughout the city. Prices can fluctuate throughout the day, reflecting global market dynamics and local factors. Shoppers and investors often keep a keen eye on these rates, as they help make informed decisions when purchasing gold in Dubai. Whether you are a connoisseur of exquisite jewelry or an astute investor looking to diversify your portfolio, staying informed about the Gram 18 carat Gold Rate in Dubai Today is essential to make the most of Dubai's vibrant gold market.

18K Gold in Dubai

A popular metal for jewelry in Dubai and around the world is ‘Gold’, which comes in various karat values, including 10k, 14k, 18k, or 24k. Dubai is renowned as a global hub for gold and jewelry. To make a smart choice for your budget and lifestyle, it's important to understand the differences between different kinds of gold.

Gold is measured in karat (k), with 24k being the purest form. However, it is extremely fragile and unfit for crafting sturdy jewelry. Gold is, therefore, combined with other metals to make it stronger and more wearable on a daily basis. But when it comes to the 18K gold variant, it is composed of 25% other metals such as copper, silver, or zinc and 75% pure gold. This combination creates a balance between durability and beauty in 18K gold making it a popular choice for a wide range of jewelry.

Qualities of 18K gold:

In the flourishing gold market in Dubai, 18k gold is a popular option. What you should know is as follows:

• Composition: As with gold anywhere else, 18k gold in Dubai is composed of 25% alloy metals, usually copper, silver, or zinc, and 75% pure gold. The durability needed for daily jewelry and the beauty of pure gold are balanced in this mix.

• Durability: 18k gold is still somewhat soft, but it is stronger than higher-karat gold. This indicates that it is more prone to blemishes and scratches, especially with regular use. Because of this, it's frequently applied to particular kinds of jewelry that won't come into direct touch with people.

• Shade: The color of 18k gold is bright and deep golden. It is highly valued for its vibrant and warm look, which makes it a great option for a variety of jewelry items, particularly when paired with other gemstones like diamonds.

Buying 18k Gold in Dubai

When trying to purchase 18k gold in Dubai, there are a few options available to you:

Gold Souk

The Gold Souk in Dubai is a classic bazaar with a variety of gold businesses. Shopping for gold jewelry there is lively and fascinating. Although you can bargain over pricing, be careful to check for the correct hallmarks and confirm the jewelry's authenticity.

Malls and Boutiques

A large selection of 18k gold jewelry is available at Dubai's upscale malls and boutiques. Both traditional and modern designs are available. The likelihood of finding authorized and genuine objects is an advantage in this situation.

Internet retailers

A large number of jewelry retailers in Dubai have websites. Online shopping is available for you to explore their selections. Make sure the store you are purchasing from is reliable and well-established at all times.

Genuineness and Signatures

Make sure your 18k gold purchase is valid whether you're buying it in Dubai or anywhere else. Here is how to carry it out:

Look for Hallmarks

Genuine 18k gold jewelry will contain stamps or hallmarks indicating the purity of the gold. The hallmark "750" is usually found in Dubai, indicating that the item is 75% pure gold.

Request Certification

Reputable jewelers will often offer certificates of authenticity attesting to the purity of the gold and other relevant details about their jewelry.

Purchase from Reputable Sellers

Rely on reputable, long-running brands and establishments. This lowers the possibility of purchasing fake or cheaper jewelry.

Try the magnet test (you won't find gold magnetic)

You can test your jewelry by putting it up against a strong magnet. It's not genuine gold if the jewelry attracts the magnet.

Weigh the Jewelry

Genuine gold is thick and heavy. A piece of jewelry may not be authentic if it feels a lot lighter than it should.

How to Maintain 18k Gold Jewelry

It's crucial to take care of your beautiful 18k gold jewelry to keep it shining once you get it:

• Keep Away From Harsh Chemicals: Take off your jewelry before using cleaning products, going swimming, or putting on perfume. These may take away the shine.

• Regular Cleaning: Use a mild soap and water solution to clean your 18k gold jewelry. Oils and dirt can be gently removed with a gentle brush or cloth.

• Storage: To keep your jewelry from scratching and tarnishing, keep it in a different pouch or box. Due to its relative softness, gold is easily damaged.

• Frequent Inspections: To make sure your jewelry remains in excellent condition, have a professional jeweler regularly examine and clean it.

Benefits of buying 18k gold

Those who are allergic to specific metals are less likely to experience problems when wearing 18k gold because of its high gold content. Because of the way its lovely color contrasts with gemstones—especially diamonds—it's a great option for jewelry with a colorful touch.

Negative aspects

The 18k gold price in Dubai is one of its main disadvantages. Due to its higher gold content, it is more costly than variations of 10k or 14k gold, which have lower karat values. Lower-karat gold is stronger and harder than 18-karat gold. This means that even with regular every day wear, it is more prone to scratches and marks. 18k gold is generally not advised for items that will see a lot of wear and tear because of its lesser durability. Examples of such pieces are rings that are subjected to frequent use and possible impact.

So, 18k gold is admired for its bright and rich yellow tone, but it is more expensive and less durable than lower-karat gold. For beautiful jewelry that isn't prone to as much physical wear and tear, such as necklaces and earrings, it's a great option. But if you're searching for something stronger, especially for bracelets or rings, you might want to think about lower-karat gold or other substitute materials.

18k Gold Price in Dubai

The 18k gold price in Dubai enjoys a solid reputation for its stability and transparency in the global market. As a renowned hub for gold trading, Dubai maintains a strong track record of offering competitive prices and exceptional quality. Buyers and investors often turn to Dubai's reputable gold market, known for its reliability and adherence to international standards.


1. Is 18K gold good quality?

Higher karat gold is too soft for most every day wear, thus 18K gold is the highest standard for most fine jewelry made of gold.

2. Is 18K gold real gold?

Yes, 18k gold is real gold. The "k" stands for karats, which is a measurement of the purity of gold. In the case of 18k gold, it is composed of 75% pure gold and 25% alloy metals.

3. Why is Dubai gold so yellow?

Dubai gold's distinctive yellow color is due to its high levels of pure gold production, with jewelry typically made in 18K or 22K gold.

4. What is the current 18k gold price in UAE?

18k gold price in UAE can fluctuate due to a range of factors, including international gold market trends, currency exchange rates, and local demand. To obtain the most precise and up-to-date information regarding the current 18k gold price in UAE consider above latest and updated information .

5. What is 1 gram 18K gold worth in Dubai?

The price of 1 gram 18K gold in Dubai is approximately AED 186.00 to AED 198.00. This price can vary depending on the purity of the gold, the seller, and the current market conditions.

In addition to tracking the current 18k gold prices, visitors can conveniently access the latest updates on 22k gold rates, 24k gold prices, 21k gold rates in Dubai . Moreover, for those seeking a more comprehensive view, the website offers 10 tola rates, ensuring that individuals can stay well-informed about the fluctuating gold prices in Dubai.

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