Sun, Mar 03, 2024  |  22 Shaban 1445

AED TO JPY Rate Today

03 Mar 24 - Today 1 JPY to AED convertion rate is 0.024 AED. Utilize a Currency Converter for the AED to JPY exchange rate. Analyze historical currency charts or real-time exchange rates for Dirham to JPY. Find latest AED to JPY conversion according to open market exchange rates and check Dirham to JPY list for last 10 days.

AED to JPY Conversion Rate
1 AED = 40.9083 JPY
JPY to AED Conversion Rate
1 JPY = 0.0244 AED
Mar 03, 2024 19:01 UTC

AED to JPY Stats

High 0.025 0.0244
Low 0.0259 0.0244
Average 0.02 0.03
AED to JPY Chart & Graph
March 03, 2024

1 AED To JPY Record For Last 10 Days

Date Symbol Rate
03 March, 2024 1 AED To JPY 0.0244
02 March, 2024 1 AED To JPY 0.0244
01 March, 2024 1 AED To JPY 0.0244
29 February, 2024 1 AED To JPY 0.0246
28 February, 2024 1 AED To JPY 0.0245
27 February, 2024 1 AED To JPY 0.0247
26 February, 2024 1 AED To JPY 0.0246
25 February, 2024 1 AED To JPY 0.0248
24 February, 2024 1 AED To JPY 0.0248
23 February, 2024 1 AED To JPY 0.0248
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AED to JPY Rate Today

An essential component of business and foreign travel is currency conversion. Knowing the exchange rate between the AED and the JPY is important for anyone visiting Japan from the United Arab Emirates, especially Dubai.

Origin of Japanese Yen (JPY)

The term "yuan" from ancient Chinese coins is from where the name "yen" originates. The yen was formally established as the fundamental unit in the monetary reform of 1871, having been first coined in 1869 following the completion of the Meiji Restoration. The Japanese Yen is represented by the sign "¥" and abbreviated as JPY.

Dubai's Exchange Rates

Dubai, as a prominent international financial hub, provides various avenues for currency exchange, including the conversion of AED to JPY. Multiple exchange resources, such as banks, exchange offices, airports, and hotels, offer different rates, with banks often presenting competitive options. Keep an eye on economic factors like inflation, interest rates, and political stability, as they influence exchange rates. Additionally, consider the impact of economic policies, market sentiments, and global developments on currency values. Be mindful of commissions and fees imposed by currency exchange services, and compare these costs to optimize the value of your exchanged money.

Stay informed about current exchange rates in Dubai through currency conversion apps, financial websites, or your bank, ensuring well-informed and advantageous currency exchange decisions.

Our platform is your go-to resource for the latest AED to JPY conversion according to open market exchange rates, ensuring you are well informed about the Dirham to JPY trends over the last 10 days.

Tips for Getting the Best AED to JPY Exchange Rates in Dubai

Take into account these suggestions to make sure you convert AED to JPY in Dubai at the best possible exchange rate:

Compare Rates:

To identify the best exchange rate, compare rates offered by various suppliers.


Pay attention to market developments and think about exchanging your money when the exchange rates are favorable.

Avoid airport exchanges:

Banks and exchange offices in the city often provide better currency rates than those located at airports.

Plan Ahead:

Stay away from last-minute exchanges since you might not have enough time to get the best deals.

Online Tools:

To keep an eye on changes in exchange rates, use websites that track exchange rates and online currency converters.

It's necessary to remember that, compared to other popular currency pairs like EUR/USD or USD/JPY, the AED/JPY exchange rate might not be as often traded or observed on international financial markets. For people and companies engaged in commerce, savings, or tourism between the UAE and Japan, it is still important.

Traders may use the unstable AED to JPY exchange rate for a range of purposes, such as trade execution, financial decisions, and currency risk management. When performing financial transactions with the United Arab Emirates and Japan, it's important to be aware of the factors that affect the exchange rate and to keep a close eye on it, just as with any other currency pair.


1. What does the Japanese word "yen" mean?

In Japanese, the word "yen" literally means "circle." This was used to describe the design of the original Japanese coins. Japan still uses paper banknotes of different values in addition to coins.

2. What is the conversion rate 1500 AED to JPY?

As of October 4, 2023, the conversion rate of 1500 Emirati Dirhams (AED) to Japanese Yen (JPY) is approximately 61,067.93 JPY. This conversion rate is subject to change based on current market fluctuations.