Thu, Jul 25, 2024  |  18 Muharram 1446

AED TO THB Rate Today

25 Jul 24 - Today 1 THB to AED convertion rate is 0.102 AED. Utilize a Currency Converter for the AED to THB exchange rate. Analyze historical currency charts or real-time exchange rates for Dirham to THB. Find latest AED to THB conversion according to open market exchange rates and check Dirham to THB list for last 10 days.

AED to THB Conversion Rate
1 AED = 9.7828 THB
THB to AED Conversion Rate
1 THB = 0.1022 AED
Jul 25, 2024 13:53 UTC

AED to THB Stats

High 0.1032 0.0997
Low 0.1032 0.0991
Average 0.1 0.1
AED to THB Chart & Graph
July 25, 2024

1 AED To THB Record For Last 10 Days

Date Symbol Rate
25 July, 2024 1 AED To THB 0.1022
24 July, 2024 1 AED To THB 0.1022
23 July, 2024 1 AED To THB 0.1022
22 July, 2024 1 AED To THB 0.1022
21 July, 2024 1 AED To THB 0.101
20 July, 2024 1 AED To THB 0.101
19 July, 2024 1 AED To THB 0.1032
18 July, 2024 1 AED To THB 0.1022
17 July, 2024 1 AED To THB 0.102
16 July, 2024 1 AED To THB 0.1025
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AED to THB Rate Today

Whether you're a resident in the bustling hub of commerce or gearing up for an exciting trip to Dubai from Thailand, understanding the exchange rate between the Thai Baht (THB) and the United Arab Emirates Dirham (AED) is crucial. Known as the 'City of Gold,' Dubai attracts visitors worldwide.

The Thai Baht (THB), the currency of Thailand, is denoted as '฿' and is managed by the Bank of Thailand. With banknotes ranging from ฿20 to ฿1,000 and coins in various denominations, it plays a significant role in the country's economy.

Notably, the Thai Baht gained attention during the 1997 Asian financial crisis when it became unpegged from the USD, leading to a currency crash and economic challenges for Thailand.

What are THB and AED?

AED is an acronym for the official currency of the United Arab Emirates, the Dirham. However, THB represents the Thai Baht, which is Thailand's currency. If you want to go to Thailand or make any personal or business transactions involving Thai Baht while you're in Dubai, you might need to convert your AED to THB.

Basics of Exchange Rates

To put it simply, the exchange rate is the value of one currency against another. It refers to the amount of Thai Baht you will receive for every United Arab Emirates Dirham in the context of AED to THB. Exchange rates change continuously because of a number of causes, including political developments, market sentiment, and economic situations.

Exchange rates might change every day or even every hour in Dubai. Compare rates before making a transaction because these can differ somewhat between banks and money exchange offices.

Where to Exchange AED for THB in Dubai?

There are many banks, money exchange firms, and even airport vending machines in Dubai where you may exchange your AED for THB. Popular choices include money exchange offices like Al Ansari Exchange, UAE Exchange, and Al Rostamani Exchange, as well as banks like Emirates NBD and Dubai Islamic Bank. Travelers can also find several convenient currency exchange counters at Dubai International Airport. To view the most recent exchange rates in Dubai, visit apps and websites that handle currency exchange. Remember that the exchange rates at the airport might not be as good as they are at banks or other specialized money exchange locations in the city.

Factors Influencing Exchange Rates

You can deal with foreign currency more intelligently if you know what factors affect the AED to THB conversion rate in Dubai. These are some essential elements:

Economic Conditions

Political Events

Market Sentiment

Interest Rates

Inflation Changes

Supply and Demand

Global Events

Tips for Exchange Currency

The tips that follow can help you get the most out of your AED to THB exchange in Dubai:

For real-time AED to THB rates and expert insights, check out PriceinDubai. We provide a user-friendly platform for seamless currency conversions and the latest financial information.

Anyone handling foreign currency transactions has to be aware of the AED to THB exchange rate in Dubai. Because Dubai is an exciting city where people from all over the world come together, exchanging different currencies happens on a regular basis. While in Dubai, you can maximize your AED to THB transactions by paying attention to the factors that affect currency rates and by following the advice given. This information is useful whether you're a visitor taking in the sights or a local handling your money.


1. How much is 1 AED to THB 1 Thai baht?

The conversion rate 1 AED to THB, 1 Thai baht of 9.667282 THB.

2. What is the conversion rate of 10000 aed to thb ?

The conversion rate between AED and THB fluctuates daily based on current market conditions. However, the rate typically the conversion rate of 10000 aed to thb is 95,741.80 THB.