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Dubai Taxi Ticket Price

Dubai Taxi is famous and popular Transportation in Dubai, UAE. The tickets price of Dubai Taxi is AED 5 - AED 25 and the visit timings 24 hours. Dubai Taxi is located at all over Dubai. Secure your visit and get to know about how much Dubai Taxi tickets price for an unforgettable journey. Engage in the captivating beauty with updated tickets price in UAE.


Ticket Price:

ionicons-v5-p AED 5 - AED 25

Ticket Price Details:

  • Starting Fare:
    Regular Taxi: AED 5 (approximately $1.35 USD)
  • Per Kilometer Fare:
    Regular Taxi: AED 2.19 (approximately $0.60 USD)
  • Additional Charges:
    Salik Toll Gates: AED 4 (approximately $1.10 USD) per toll gate
  • Waiting Time: AED 20 (approximately $5.40 USD) per hour
  • Booking and Distribution Fees: AED 10 to AED 12 (approximately $2.70 to $3.25 USD)
  • Airport Taxi: AED 25 (approximately $6.80 USD) starting fare, AED 2.19 (approximately $0.60 USD) per kilometer
  • Minimum Fare:
    Regular Taxi: AED 12 (approximately $3.25 USD)

Official Visit Timings:

24 hours


all over Dubai

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