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Hatta Kayak Ticket Price

Hatta Kayak is famous and popular Adventure in Dubai, UAE. The tickets price of Hatta Kayak is AED 60 and the visit timings 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Hatta Kayak is located at Hatta Dam, Hatta, Dubai. Secure your visit and get to know about how much Hatta Kayak tickets price for an unforgettable journey. Engage in the captivating beauty with updated tickets price in UAE.


Ticket Price:

ionicons-v5-p AED 60

Ticket Price Details:

  • Single Kayak: AED 60
  • Double Kayak: AED 150
  • Water Bike: AED 60 per person, per ride
  • Pedal Boat: AED 120 per ride (admits 2 adults and 2 children
  • Yellow Boat: AED 150 per ride (admits 3 adults and 1 child)
  • Donut Boat: AED 300 per hour (admits 4 adults and 2 children)
  • Tour Boat: AED 600 per 25-minute ride with driver (admits 11 adults)
  • Yoga + Kayaking Package: AED 249 (includes 2 hours of kayaking, yoga, and breakfast)

Official Visit Timings:

7:00 AM to 6:00 PM


Hatta Dam, Hatta, Dubai

Hatta Kayak Details

Hatta Kayak is Situated in the beautiful Hajar Mountains and a peaceful haven within the busy city of Dubai. It provides the chance to hire kayaks and explore the peaceful waterways of the Hatta Dam, inviting guests to indulge themselves in a peaceful getaway. This dam, surrounded by wild mountain views, has grown to be a popular spot for both single travelers and groups looking to enjoy the delights of kayaking.

A Comfortable and Relaxing Experience

A comfortable and joyful experience awaits at Hatta Kayak, where its affordable ticket prices offer access to a variety of kayak choices, including single-seaters. The establishment caters to all skill levels, providing a moderate yet rewarding exercise in the still waters. Nearby Hatta Kayak hotels complement the experience, ensuring a relaxing stay for outdoor enthusiasts. Families and parties frequent the area for picnics, taking advantage of beautiful weather and the surrounding environment. Explore special Hatta Kayak offers to make it an ideal destination for singles, couples, and families seeking memorable outdoor adventures.

Hatta Kayak Tickets and Services

The Hatta Kayak is located at the Hatta Dam, Hatta, Dubai. The simplest method to get here is via car, as even cars can easily handle the paved roads leading to the kayaking location.

The only thing to remember about the entire experience is that Hatta Kayak price doesn't have restrooms or dining options; however, you can find these services at the JA Hatta Fort Hotel, which is 12 minutes away by car. However, there are a few tiny cafes and grocery stores close to Hatta Hill Park if you're on a tight budget. There are also accessible public restrooms at this park.

Enhance your outdoor adventure by exploring the convenience of Hatta Kayak services. Additionally, for enthusiasts looking into kayaking-related trading, Hatta Kayak Trading offers a selection of equipment and accessories to meet your needs. Secure your Hatta Kayak tickets and make the most of your experience.

Working Hours

Hatta Kayak timings are from 7:00 am to 5:30 pm, giving guests plenty of time to take in the calm waters and gorgeous surroundings of the Hatta Dam.


1. In Hatta, United Arab Emirates, is swimming possible?

Yes, you can swim in the clean and gorgeous Hatta Rock Pools, surrounded by the Hajar Mountains.

2. Why is Hatta well-known?

Hatta is well-known for its breathtaking mountains, parks, and natural surroundings, often called Emirate's mountainous sister.

3. Which season is ideal for traveling to Hatta?

The ideal times to travel to Hatta are September to October in fall and February to March in spring, avoiding the peak of summer and winter.

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