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Celebrate Ramadan in UAE : Shorter Hours, Free Parking

By Admin - Feb 22, 2024

In the UAE, the magical month of Ramadan is coming quickly, bringing with it a calm environment and a shift in the routine of daily life where you can enjoy shorter work hours and free parking in the UAE. Let's examine the lovely changes that make this holy month particularly memorable for people living in the Emirates.

The Arrival of Ramadan and Greetings

According to the Hijri calendar that the Dubai Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department (IACAD) releases, Tuesday, March 12, 2024, is when the holy month of Ramadan will start. Warm "Ramadan Mubarak" greetings as people wish one another a blessed and joyous Ramadan.

Changes in School Hours for Ramadan

During Ramadan, schools have shorter days, and the usual long class hours become only five hours each day. Also, this year, many schools might close for the first three weeks of Ramadan. It gives short breaks for teachers and students during this special month, coinciding with either spring break or the end of the school year.

Changed Work Schedules

In workplaces across the nation, the tempo of productivity softens during Ramadan, as reduced work hours become the norm. This adjustment applies to both those who are fasting and those who aren't. The UAE government often says that during Ramadan, people should work fewer hours, whether they work in the public sector or private enterprises. While certain professions may require longer hours, many employees in private companies enjoy a two-hour reduction in their daily work schedules. Additionally, government offices often close earlier, with employees working for six hours instead of the usual eight. This temporal adjustment provides employees with respite, allowing them to fully engage in the spiritual essence of the month.

Changes in Parking Rules

During Ramadan, the times you have to pay for parking might change, but we'll know more about it closer to Ramadan. Last year in Dubai, you had to pay for parking from 8 am to 6 pm and 8 pm to 12 midnight from Monday to Saturday. But here's the cool part - you got two hours of free parking on weekdays! In Sharjah, parking fees were there from 8 am to midnight, from Saturday to Thursday.

Eating Out During Ramadan

During Ramadan, cafes and restaurants in Dubai stay open as always. If you're not fasting, you don't have to avoid eating or drinking in public during the day. But, some people choose to be respectful and avoid it, even though they don't have to. So, you can still enjoy your favorite meals and snacks in public places during this special month.

Breaking the Fast with Iftar Meals

Iftar is a special meal during Ramadan, enjoyed after the Maghrib prayer signals the end of the day's fast. Families and friends gather to share this meal together. In Dubai, hotels and restaurants create feasts and special Iftar menus for everyone to enjoy. Many places even have exciting offers and discounts on Iftar meals.

Prayers and Special Taraweeh

Because of shorter work hours during Ramadan, Muslims who are fasting can join most of their five daily prayers at mosques. These special prayers, called Taraweeh, happen after the Isha prayer. Mosques come alive with people connecting to the spiritual vibes of Ramadan during these heartfelt moments. When the community gathers to pray and celebrate the spirit of this unique month, it's a lovely moment.

As the moon rises high in the night sky, casting its ethereal glow upon the land, may this Ramadan bring forth a bounty of blessings, unity, and spiritual enlightenment to all who call the Emirates home.

Ramadan Mubarak!

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