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Countdown to Eid - UAE Streets Quiet, Malls Busy as Residents Prep for Celebrations

By Admin - Apr 08, 2024

With Eid Al Fitr approaching, UAE's cities present a stark contrast - streets remain silent and empty while shopping hubs bustle with activity as locals get ready for the festivities.

Places in Dubai like Meena Bazaar saw a sudden rush of people, causing traffic jams that trapped residents for hours. Sharjah witnessed a similar scenario, with people struggling to find parking near popular shopping areas.

As the holiday spirit sweeps across the nation, residents flock to malls and stores in preparation for Eid Al Fitr, creating a vibrant atmosphere amidst the otherwise tranquil streets.

With Eid excitement filling the air, UAE airports are gearing up for an influx of travelers. Dubai Airport expects many more passengers, especially on Sunday, April 7th, which could be the busiest day.

Hotels everywhere in the UAE are busy, with more than 90% of rooms booked. People are excited for the long holiday and want to stay in hotels (staycation) or go on trips.

But not everything's easy during the holidays. Some people have a hard time finding a doctor. It's tough when everyone's busy celebrating and not many doctors are available.

Despite these challenges, everyone's getting ready to celebrate Eid Al Fitr with lots of energy and happiness. The quiet streets and busy malls show how everyone's experiences during the holiday season can be different.

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