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UAE Government Announces Remote Work Amid Heavy Rain

By Admin - Feb 13, 2024

Abu Dhabi and Sharjah:

To protect citizens, some emirates have chosen to expand remote work and education in response to the unfavorable weather that has been affecting the UAE.

Al Ain Expands Remote Work and Learning:

On Tuesday, February 13, Al Ain announced that all government agencies and businesses, with the exception of those performing critical functions, would from now on be able to do work remotely. This is a preventive step. On the same day, all of Al Ain's educational establishments will perform remote learning simultaneously. The decision was made in view of the region's unpredictable weather and recent heavy rainfall.

Dubai Calls for Flexibility in School and University Regulations:

Private schools, daycare centers, and colleges in Dubai are being pushed to be accommodating when it comes to their in-person attendance regulations. The safety of students and staff during inclement weather is of utmost significance, and officials have advised considering distance learning options on Tuesday, February 13, if needed.

The decision for Sharjah's private schools was made on Tuesday, February 13. The Sharjah Emergency, Crisis, and Disaster Management Team, working with the Sharjah Private Education Authority, made the decision to allow remote learning for all private schools in the Emirate. The decision is intended to put student and faculty safety first in light of the current unfavorable weather conditions across the entire country.

Overall UAE Measures:

Federal higher education institutions and government public schools in the UAE were told to extend remote classes on Tuesday, February 13. This all-encompassing effort shows a shared dedication to guaranteeing community safety and well-being within the nation's difficult weather conditions.

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