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Level Up Your Fun - 12 Must-Try Board Game Cafes in Dubai

By Admin - Feb 06, 2024

Ditch the desert nights and the neon lights!

Dubai's newest social craze isn't a club, but a haven for laughter and friendly competition: board game cafes. Perfect for spending time with friends and family, these cafes have a chill vibe. Offering a variety of games for all ages and interests, from themed adventures to classic favorites, they create lasting moments of connection and playful competition.

So get ready to roll the dice on adventure at these 12 must-visit board game cafes in Dubai.

1. Back to Games

Even though it's not your typical café, Back to Games is a top choice for board game lovers in Dubai. With more than 150 demo games, it offers possibilities for players of all ages, from easy to complex and kid-friendly.

2. Kefi

Kefi in Dubai has more than 200 games in its vast collection, and it also serves artisan coffee and has a funny, simple layout. Kefi offers a wide selection of games and a book library, making gaming engaging for all users.

Try these games: 123 Cups, Deception, Taco Cat Goat Pizza, Mercado, Ticket to Ride, and Catan.

3. Hive Board Game Café

Hive is based on the straightforward yet effective idea of connecting communities via a shared passion for board games. Hive is a contemporary refuge that promotes social interaction with its varied collection, stimulating programs, and warm ambience.

Try these games: Catan, Cards Against Humanity, Secret Hitler, Hues & Cues, Taco Cat Goat Pizza.

4. The Six

A breathtaking view of the Burj Khalifa and more than 1,000 games make The Six the ultimate gaming destination. Their local experts are prepared to teach you, regardless of your level of experience. Enter The Six for a unique gaming experience.

Try these games: Azul, Marrakech, Santorini, Monopoly, Ludo.

5. Unwind

With more than 800 board games, Unwind is the first board game cafe in the United Arab Emirates. Enjoy outstanding sandwiches, premium coffee, and a wide variety of engaging board games while being guided by knowledgeable Game Masters. It will be a joyful way to catch up with old friends over games and fun.

Play these games: Dice Forge, Dogman, Head Spin, Monopoly, Shifting Stones, and Poo Pocalypse.

6. Dice Cafe

Netflix binges and endless browsing are over. Swing by DICE, the most comfortable board game cafe in Dubai, and exchange screens for smiles. Now that there are lots of activities, delicious meals, and a welcoming staff, it's time to get your friends together for a real-life hangout.

Try these games: Coup, Wingspan, Block Ness, Spy Fall, Jumanji, and Harry Potter.

7. Therapy Cafe

Board game lovers can create unforgettable experiences at Therapy Cafe by combining humor and strategic thought. Therapy offers a wide variety of games, delicious snacks, and cool drinks—it's your haven of limitless possibilities.

Try these games: Monopoly, Ticket to Ride, Galaxy Raiders, Trophies, and Targi.

8. Public Cafe

Inside the center of Jumeirah Lake Towers, Public Cafe is a pleasant retreat for fans of food and board games. You can relax in this welcoming environment and enjoy a wide selection of exciting board games.

9. Hungry Monkey Dubai

Are you looking for somewhere to have a great time with board games, laughing, and refreshing drinks? The place you've been looking for is The Hungry Monkey in Al Barsha. This lively place offers plenty of board games and a twist of dancing in addition to serving up refreshing drinks. The Hungry Monkey offers games for all tastes, whether you want strategy simulations or a lighthearted game of old favorites.

Where: Donatello Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Barsha 1, Near Mall Of The Emirates.

10. The Workshop

The Workshop in Jumeirah 2, Dubai is a place where leisure, work, and art all exist peacefully and where creativity has no boundaries. This unusual location is more than just a café—it's also a concept store, an art gallery, a workspace, and an escape for lovers of board games.

11. Charade

Located in the hectic center of Jumeirah 1, Dubai, Charade is one of the newest and coziest board game cafes in the area. Designed as a well-liked hangout for people of all ages, this little establishment blends the fun of board games with a menu that offers comfort food and delicious large shakes.

12. Game Over Escape Rooms and Board Game Cafe

Game Over is a place where you can escape into a world of never-ending amusement and delicious delights. It's more than simply a board game cafe. This cafe is the ideal place to go if you're craving a hard game, a cup of coffee, a cool milkshake, or delicious food. There's more to Game Over than simply games here—a culinary journey awaits you. For business meetings, get-togethers with friends, or family get-togethers, the cafe's varied menu has something to offer everyone. You can find something to satisfy any appetite, ranging from coffee to milkshakes and snacks.

Where: Nakheel Mall, Palm Jumeirah Second floor - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Forget the usual tourist traps. Dubai's hidden gem is its buzzing board game cafes. Whether you're a board game pro or a curious newbie, these cafes welcome you with open arms and endless game options. So ditch the screens, grab your friends or family, and get ready for an epic game night in Dubai.

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