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UAE Amps Up Mosquito Battle After Rainy Season

By Admin - May 06, 2024

In response to recent heavy rains, the UAE is ramping up its efforts to squash mosquito breeding spots and curb their presence across the nation, the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment (MoCCAE) declared over the weekend.

With the downpour increasing the likelihood of mosquitoes flourishing in still water and damp spots, authorities are doubling down on their mosquito-fighting strategies.

What's Being Done?

Under the third phase of the Anti-Mosquito Campaign, the Ministry of Health and Prevention and the Emirates Health Services (EHS) are spreading awareness about mosquito-borne diseases and prevention methods.

Employing top-notch international technologies, authorities aim to tackle mosquito populations in areas where they're most prevalent, notably in water pools where they thrive.

How Can You Help?

If you spot mosquitoes or their breeding spots, give a shout out to local authorities by dialing MoCCAE's hotline at 8003050. Mosquitoes love to party in construction sites, schools, gardens, and any damp areas. Keep them at bay by drying, covering, or moving stagnant water from places like irrigation basins or pools.

Worried about safety? Don't be! Eng. Othaibah Saeed Al Qaydi, director of the Municipal Affairs Department at MoCCAE, ensures that all mosquito control methods are harmless to humans and our furry friends. Also, fixing leaks and keeping rainwater areas clean are crucial to stop those pesky bugs from multiplying.

In a nutshell, teamwork is key! Dr. Saif Juma Al Dhaheri, Director of the National Operations Centre at NCEMA, stresses the importance of all authorities joining forces to keep society safe. This ongoing effort is part of the third phase of our anti-mosquito campaign, running since February 2022 and scheduled until May 2025. Together, let's stay alert and united to beat those pesky mosquitoes, making our world safer and healthier for everyone.

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