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Dubai Introduces Free Smart Umbrella Service for Public Transport Users

By Admin - Mar 26, 2024

Dubai, known for its scorching heat and sudden downpours, introduces a game-changing solution for weary public transport users. A novel shared umbrella service has been introduced at the Al Ghubaiba Bus and Metro station by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in collaboration with UmbraCity, a well-known Canadian smart umbrella-sharing service provider.

This idea gives people free smart umbrellas to use when they're out and about. It comes as a relief for those facing the scorching sun or unexpected rain and aligns with Dubai's goal of enhancing the city's eco-friendliness, as outlined in the Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan.

Amir Entezari, CEO of UmbraCity stated:

“This collaboration reflects our mutual dedication to advancing sustainable urban mobility and enhancing the liveability of cities.”

The smart umbrella service is now up and running at Al Ghubaiba Bus and Metro station, undergoing a three-month trial period. Plans are underway to expand the service to more metro and bus stations soon if it proves successful.

Khaled Al Awadhi, who is the director of transportation systems at the RTA's Public Transport Agency, mentioned that after checking how well it's going at the end of this time, they might add the service to more stations.

Dubai's RTA and UmbraCity working together shows how serious Dubai is about making the city better for everyone. They're using fancy technology to solve everyday problems and want everyone to be happier and healthier when they're in Dubai.

Al Awadhi said:

“By encouraging the use of smart umbrellas — which are ‘free of cost’ when leased using nol card — the RTA and UmbraCity are contributing to the creation of vibrant, healthy, and inclusive communities across Dubai."

Through the launch of a new service designed to make commuting easier for people who use public transport, Dubai has once again demonstrated its creativity. It keeps adding new smart services to make life better. This umbrella idea is just one example. It proves that Dubai is leading the way in making cities better for everyone.

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