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Dubai's RTA Shares Kind Ramadan Plans - Spreading Happiness Together

By Admin - Mar 15, 2024

Ramadan 2024 will be a season of kindness and community as Dubai's Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) made a social media message outlining their dedication to the principles of charity throughout the holy month of Ramadan under the theme "Journey of Good." They stressed their collaboration with volunteers from Keolis MHI, Dubai Metro, RTA, and the Tram’s operator. The programs are designed to foster teamwork and community engagement.

Working together with kind groups, RTA started the "Ramadan Tent Project" with Beit Al Khair Society. This plan is all about giving 2,000 Iftar meals to people who are fasting. They set up special tents where everyone can eat together and ensure that no one goes hungry during the holy month of Ramadan.

The "Modes of Good" idea is a bigger and better version of RTA's usual "Meals On Wheels." This kind plan gets lots of different people, like workers and helpers, to make and share 8,000 meals during Ramadan. They use special buses and boats called Abras to give these meals to bus drivers, delivery bikers, truck drivers and Abra riders to bring everyone closer in the neighborhood.

Dubai's RTA, in collaboration with Keolis, Dubai Metro, and Tram's operator, launched the "We Bring You Closer" plan. They want to help people who use buses and trains, especially at Al Ghubaiba, Union, and Jebel Ali Metro stations.

This is not it. The workers at RTA Dubai have workshops called "How to Prepare for Ramadan," consisting of three remote sessions, where they talk about eating healthy during Ramadan. Another fun thing is "Who Will Win the Fanoos?" It's a game where winners get special cards to buy things, making the Ramadan season even more exciting.

RTA has also started a Ramadan Bazaar and Iftar Gathering where everyone who works at RTA comes together and enjoys a special Iftar meal. It's a time for everyone to feel like a big family and enjoy each other's company.

RTA's activities show the significant impact that collective action can have. RTA protects the community's welfare through these well-thought-out initiatives, promoting equality, togetherness and charity that mark Ramadan.

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